Dr Patrick Jones’ work focuses on leading people to awakening to their true nature of inner well-being.

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Clinical Psychology

Dr Patrick Jones

The work of Dr Patrick Jones focuses on leading people to awaken to their true nature of inner well-being. With a previous background in clinical psychology for twenty years, he now, through secular teaching and academia, brings the marriage of psychology and spirituality into the mainstream.

Patrick has presented at state, national and international conferences in psychology and health, and has been a director at eastern ashrams and western monasteries. He has experience in the commercial sector, having founded several companies and a not for profit charity, and has managed a portfolio of over a dozen properties.

Patrick has been an honorary research associate at Murdoch University, an occasional university lecturer at Edith Cowan University, and his recent publications include Mindfulness-Based Heroism: Creating Enlightened Heroes (International Journal of Humanistic Psychology); Mindfulness Training: Can it Create Superheroes? (Frontiers in Psychology); and A Summary of Current Findings on Quality of Life Domains and a Proposal for Their Inclusion in Clinical Interventions (Frontiers in Psychology).


Through his clinical work and research Patrick also developed the Mindfulness-based Quality of Life and Well-Being Program which has been used by thousands of people, and its findings have been presented at conferences around Australia and internationally.

His PhD is on Quality of Life and Well-Being, and included an inquiry into its causes and conditions, and the development of a questionnaire, a mindfulness intervention, and a critique of the existing paradigm. Patrick’s academic profile and list of publications can be found on Google Scholar.


Through his research, publications, programs, public teaching and work with students, Patrick’s focus is to assist people to awaken to their true nature whilst living a functional and balanced quality of life. He brings his skill sets directly to the work of seeing through the blocks that are in the way of awakening to the effortless peace of the natural state of human nature.