Success Stories

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Written Testimonials


The process of awakening is a remarkable experience when doing it alone, but it seems to me that having a teacher allows a person to truly understand the experience and experience it fully.


It doesn’t need to be a battle to integrate awareness and mindfulness techniques…it’s the space and serenity which will enrich me…concrete techniques that don’t appear to be ‘onerous’ give me hope that I can integrate them.

Allied Health Professional

Penny dropped for me – ‘ahha moment’ about not putting my happiness in anyone else’s hands. Sense of self/happiness is within – not controlled by external factors. Forgot this!

MB Retired

Reinforced the primary issue of living in the moment and reaching the true inner self. Keep up the good work spreading the word.

KF Insurance officer

Easy to understand broken down in this way. ‘Stay in Present’. Don’t let my beliefs affect how I see ‘people’ situations etc. Declutter mind is very essential.


I am thrilled that you gave this information to the West so well and easily. Maybe it was a lot for some? It was fantastic! Thank you.