Video Interviews

Dr Patrick Jones is regularly interviewed across a range of media including, national television, radio and online articles. Below and on his Facebook page are videos featuring Dr Jones speaking about a range of topics related to Mindfulness-based Well-being.

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Part 1 Murdoch University Interview – How Psychology Can Impact Society.
In this interview with Murdoch University I look at how psychology can impact society. This includes the recent destigmatising of mental health, the benefits of counselling, and the advent of…

Part 2 Murdoch University interview – The Difference Between Mental Health and Inner Well-Being.
In part 2 of the interview with Murdoch University, we look at the difference between mental health and inner well-being (attendees blacked out). I explore why people often go to…

Part 3 Murdoch University interview – The Transition from Pathology to Inner Well-Being.
Here I explore the transition from pathology to inner well-being. I discuss how clients with a clinical presentation of anxiety or depression, can move through that and awaken or open…