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Dr Patrick Jones teaches live through the not for profit organisation Clear Mind Open Heart Ltd.

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Bringing the Marriage of Quality of Life and Inner Well-Being Into the Mainstream.

Dr Patrick Jones teaches live through the not for profit organisation Clear Mind Open Heart Ltd. This organisation is committed to helping people build both psychological balance (mastering thoughts, allowing feelings and being successful in life) whilst opening to the spiritual experience of inner well-being. Through training and mentoring we assist you to both face your psychological obstacles and open to the peaceful resting state of your true nature – beyond thoughts, feelings and sensations. Living a life of inner well-being whilst fully engaged in life.

At Clear Mind Open Heart, we run both public events and student programs. The public events include regular teaching in the processes to create psychological maturity and spiritual openness, the evidence based Mindfulness-based Quality of Life and Well-Being Course (MQW), meditation days and a range of supportive activities. The student program is a membership-based package of both group teaching and specialised individual input. You join a dedicated group of like-minded people for group and individual sessions where you receive personal support in the process of spiritual awakening whilst living a balanced life in the world.

Mindfulness Based Well-Being
Mindfulness Based Well-Being

“Patrick describes this process and the process of awakening in the clearest and most effective way that I have heard this described for the western intellect.”

David Budge, Founder Aurora Labs

Mindfulness and Inner Well-Being Public Sessions

The public events are held monthly and begin with stillness to calm the mind followed by a short talk on the processes to create psychological maturity and spiritual openness. The focus is always two-fold – to describe the true nature of every human being and to teach the process of awakening to this experience – self-realisation. The remaining part of the evening is open for personal inquiry and question and answer.

The teaching style and content responds each time to the needs of the group. People are welcome to come and simply listen and relax or to ask questions about the awakening process. The teaching process can vary for each person and can be experienced as educational, challenging or profoundly peaceful. It is open to both beginners and those who have advanced along the path.

The public work is also the first entry point for those interested in becoming a member of the student program. If you would like to attend or to know more please fill out the inquiry form below.

Beyond conventional mindfulness

There are many ways to learn about inner well-being, happiness or enlightenment – books, YouTube, podcasts, audio programs and so on. You manage the pace, the content and the insights, you remain in control of the process. But how do you see what might be personally blocking your view? This is where direct live teaching comes in. You might get the same knowledge but now the light is directly shining on you and your experience has a chance to transform. A personalised teaching process is very rare but it is the fastest way to see through our delusions.

And it requires courage, authenticity and 100% personal accountability. It is an extraordinary journey where you get to face the best and worst of what is buried within you and the blissful true nature that is buried under that. If you take on the opportunity of self-encounter you also take on the challenge to not identify with it as it passes through you. If you go the distance with it the true untouchable nature underneath it can open up to be experienced.

The purpose of the public teaching is to support people awakening to their true nature and to live skilfully in the world. The clear mind open heart method assists people to both clear psychological blocks and open to the true nature – happiness independent of passing thoughts, feelings and physical sensation. Over time they are able to rest in the presence of simply being, fully open and at peace. Often described as self-realisation, awakening, enlightenment or simply inner well-being this is the natural state of inner peace independent of life conditions.

At its introductory level the teaching method is specifically designed to both teach and guide people to objectively watch all thoughts (and the gap between them) and to allow emotion and sensation without resistance. Skills of mindfulness are interwoven with invitations to open up to an authentic experience of a clear mind and open heart. As people advance, they are supported to direct that awareness to what is underneath the thoughts and emotions – an underlying true nature, completely at peace. Happiness independent of passing thoughts, feelings and physical sensation. Here you are invited to rest in the presence of simply being, awake, open and at peace.

Student Program

Our vision as a not for profit charity is to support people on the path of awakening to full openness to life and inner wellbeing, and to offer a deeper experience for those committed to the inner work. As a student you would be part of:

• A structure for supporting and connecting with one another
• An accountability structure to assist you to stay true to your vision
• Supportive social gatherings
• Meditation days, chanting sessions and occasional retreats
• To be a member would include a regular commitment to attend group sessions.

The Student Program is a rigorous combination of both group teaching and specialised individual input and is the traditional student-teacher model – the fast track to progress. In this process the student is shown a mirror of what is in the way of further opening and is directly assisted with this. It is an opportunity to have direct inquiry and is only for those who feel ready to work intensively on the path of awakening to their true nature.

When you become a member of this program your commitments are weekly group sessions and regular individual sessions. You join a dedicated group of like-minded people who are committed to awakening to the enlightened true nature and being of ego-less service to the world. You receive personal support in the process of spiritual awakening whilst living a balanced life in the world characterised by kindness and service to others. It comes with its Student Portal that gives you access to the student community and a range of resources.

To register your interest fill out the form below

Student Portal

To log in to the student portal please go to portal

Group Sessions

The group sessions go into more depth into the processes to create psychological maturity and spiritual openness in the journey to awaken to the true nature of a human being. Using the Clear Mind / Open Heart method the teaching process introduces the enlightened true nature of each person and the steps to open to the experience of inner peace.

It focuses on being personally relevant so you can see what’s in the way for you to experience this. This is an interactive and powerful process and the teaching style and content is in response to the needs of the group. It is always dynamic and responsive to their mental, emotional and spiritual state at the time.

It is a powerful means for all to get specific input and to keep them progressing in the process of awakening to the pure nature uncontaminated by disturbance. The evenings can range from educational, personally challenging, fun or profoundly peaceful. Sessions are held weekly as a way to personally face the continually changing obstacles that present to opening to the natural state.

To register your interest fill out the form below

Individual sessions

Sessions do not use the traditional methods of challenging negative thoughts or reconditioning dysfunctional behaviours but rather they assist people to see the essential emptiness of all thoughts, feelings and sensations. With this focus are able to authentically clear (watch and allow) the psychological obstacles that are in the way of awakening or opening to an ego-less resting place – the happiness of the true nature.

Using the method of Clear Mind / Open Heart, people are taught to develop objective awareness of thought and full openness to emotion and sensation in your important life areas. The focus of the work is to assist others to see through the false sense of self and to experience the true untouchable sense of self that watches all this – to awaken to the natural state of inner peace.

As this part is limited, to be eligible to access this you will need to be part of the student program. To register your interest, fill out the form below and the team will contact you.

How is it different?

The most popular research-based treatments for well-being suggest multi-modal therapy – the use of medication to address chemical imbalance and cognitive-behavioural therapy to restructure negative thoughts and feelings, and behaviour management to modify dysfunctional behaviours.

This treatment approach is based on the concept of a “self” and in traditional psychology that is a collection of beliefs and behaviours forming a sense of self or “I”. This I or ego aims to achieve quality of life or well-being by attempting to minimise its pain and maximise its pleasure. For example, its self-esteem is primarily based upon social comparison, how well your skills, abilities, occupation, friends, appearance and so on stand up compared to others

At Clear Mind Open Heart we see that this leaves people with an approach to well-being that is entirely dependent upon external life conditions or if you are more developed, your empowered thoughts and feelings about those conditions. Like shares, if your life conditions or thoughts go up or down, so do you.

The individual sessions at Clear Mind Open Heart come from an entirely different view by helping people see through the false identification with successes and failures and instead to investigate the presence of the Self or true nature. The method helps people find well-being independent of not only their life situations but also their passing thoughts, feelings and sensations. It sees that your well-being should be experienced as the internal and unchanging natural peaceful state of a human being – your true nature.

To register your interest, fill out the form below and the team will contact you.

Community events

There are a range of events that are held to support practitioners on the path to a clear mind and open heart. To find out more about what events are available, register your interest by filling out the form below and the team will contact you.

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